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It aims to promote the researches which advance knowledge on contemporary various issues and cases in functional areas of marketing, finance, human resource management, human behavior, operations management, information technology, general management, engineering, medical, education and other areas as also macro issues of globalization, political, regional trade and investment.


To serve society by creating a quality learning environment which is committed to creative, innovative and value based learning.

Need of Innovations and Research

The research is a complex activity and many factors determine the success of this activity. The nature and quality of instructional material, the learning environment, and the motivation of the students are all important and must be kept in view in any effort to ensure quality in teaching learning. Education in its broadest sense presupposes a better understanding of teaching and learning. On one side, teachers are supposed to be able to impart their knowledge through the many approaches, methods and techniques at their disposal. Teaching, for instance, requires a basic skill in explaining abstract concepts. Abstract thinking is one of the skills to be introduced to students at an early stage of learning this science. In India, however, study has often been cited as a “monster” that troubles the student’s progress in learning for a higher level of education. On the other, students particularly those who will continue their studies to a tertiary level are confronted with the various problems of life. They lack books, especially the translated texts, and other learning aids. Unlike in advanced countries, the students in India entirely depend on the explanation given by their teachers. This is especially true of learning as the basic science to further their studies.